Instructions for Reviewers

Instructions For Reviewers

Reviewers play a vital role in evaluating the quality of submitted manuscripts along with the support of Editorial Board Members through Peer-Review process. All peer reviewers must follow these ethical guidelines for CEOS Publisher journal articles in review:

  • Reviewers should provide unbiased comments to each manuscript submitted irrespective of race, religion, nationality, sex, seniority, or institutional affiliation of the author(s). They should judge the article based on their merits.
  • Reviewers must declare any conflict of interest before proceeding with the peer review. It includes any relationship with the author they may bias their review.
  • Reviewers should adhere to the journal ethical policies and keep the peer review process confidential. They must not share any information related to the article with anyone outside of the peer review process.
  • Reviewers are requested to provide a comprehensive, consistent, evidence peer review report for the reviewing article.
  • Reviewers should not post any damaging statements which address to an individual persons reputation.
  • Reviewers should meet the provided deadline in reviewing the report. Any delay in the peer review process must inform prior to the editor.
  • Reviewers should contact the journal editor any significant similarity identified between the manuscript under consideration and any published paper.

CEOS Publisher feels it is important to recognize the efforts of reviewers and also the amount of time and expertise they invest in the peer review process. We offer many things in place at CEOS Publisher this includes:

  • Awarding Certificate as a token of your contribution and support
  • Providing Individual Membership
  • Fast-processing of the paper

Aspirants are encouraged to send their updated CV and research interest, along with a recent photograph to